Business and life lessons on how to survive and thrive in the face of uncertain and volatile times.

Fragility can be defined as those things that break easily under pressure or stress. What’s the opposite of fragile? Most of us think of robust — or things that don’t break under…

The companies, products, and technologies shaping the future of conversational agents.

Conversational AI is a fast-growing industry with a number of start-ups and established companies offering a wide variety of products and services for an even wider variety of customers.

We compiled, reviewed, and curated nearly 200 companies and technologies…

An exploration of voicebots, chatbots, intelligent virtual assistants, and the latest machine learning technologies behind conversational AI.

The idea of speaking to an intelligent agent and having a human-like conversation has intrigued and captivated the imagination for decades.

In recent years, Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa have started to fulfill…

Zubair Talib

Loves Technology, Startups, and Tacos.

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