Alphafold-2 Brief Summary

Source: Nature

What happened?

Deepmind has claimed to have solved the 50 year old grand challenge of predicting protein folding shapes simply from the constituent amino acid sequences. They produced their own video that frames the problem and their solution quite well.

What is protein folding?

First, what is a protein? Proteins are macromolecules (chains of molecules) that human “stuff” —tissues, organs, blood and more — is made of.

What’s it useful for?

Simply, protein structures are helpful in determining function and interactions and behaviors.

How does AlphaFold work?

Before we get to AlphaFold’s particular solution — I was curious how the whole amino acid to protein shape problem is framed to begin with.


There is some skepticism about AlphaFold2 and how will it will continue to work in predicting protein shapes for future amino acids, but as of now it does appear to be a great breakthrough. Like most we will await the release of the paper and the code to understand more about how it works.

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