Alphafold-2 Brief Summary

Source: Nature

What happened?

What is protein folding?

For a typical protein length of about 300 amino acids, more than 20³⁰⁰ different polypeptide chains could theoretically be made. Source: NIH

What’s it useful for?

It would vastly accelerate efforts to understand the building blocks of cells and enable quicker and more advanced drug discovery. -Nature

Structural based design can assist this continuous process by pinpointing opportunities for structural modifications that do not interfere with binding, but may improve affinity and selectivity, and which may favorably alter the properties of the molecule, such as solubility, hydrophobicity and ionization state.

How does AlphaFold work?

The primary information stored in the PDB archive consists of coordinate files for biological molecules. These files list the atoms in each protein, and their 3D location in space. These files are available in several formats (PDB, mmCIF, XML). A typical PDB formatted file includes a large “header” section of text that summarizes the protein, citation information, and the details of the structure solution, followed by the sequence and a long list of the atoms and their coordinates. The archive also contains the experimental observations that are used to determine these atomic coordinates.


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