Do We Have Free Will?

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Do We Have Free Will?

Free will is defined as the ability to act at one’s own discretion. Consciousness is awareness of internal or external existence.

Is It Possible The Soul Still Exists?

There are a number of interesting scientific and philosophical issues with this question itself. What is the soul? Does it matter if the soul is an emergent property of our bio-chemistry? Or does the soul need to be supernatural / magical for it to be important and for us as humans to be special? Is our essence and very being invalidated if it’s described by biology and physics? Can machines be shown to have a soul or consciousness? Would that also minimize our existence?

Neuroscience and our Antiquated Criminal Justice System

Another interesting topic is the US criminal justice system and if its approach is supported by neuroscience. Spoiler alert, the answer is no.

  1. The concept of “blame” is antiquated and unhelpful
  2. We should have a forward looking practical view on criminal justice

A systematic focus on disease and treatment, rather than evil and punishment, would save lives and prevent needless suffering.




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