Everything You Wanted to Know About Building a Chatbot or VoiceBot

Image Credit: Nounproject


Rasa, the open source company for building bots, has a great glossary that describes such terms. Here are a few important ones:

Different Ways to Build a Bot

There are essentially three different ways to build a chatbot or voicebot:

  • 3rd party company to do everything (most off-the-shelf)
  • No-Code Bot Builder
  • Roll your own (most customizable)

3rd Party Solution

The 3rd party solutions are either complete enterprise solutions like Haptik, Avaamo, Omilia, Aivo or industry-specific solutions like Gong in Sales or WoeBot in mental health.

No-Code Bot Builder

There are a number, but big tech has some straightforward ones to use including’s Google’s DialogFlow or Microsoft’s Azure Bot Services.

Build Your Own

There are a number of solutions here — but two strong solutions are the open source packages BotPress and Rasa.



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