What’s Next?

Things that I know I enjoy

I did a brief review of the things I enjoy and possibly what I’m best at:


  • I love building technology and product
  • And I love building and leading high-talent teams


  • The disruption — working towards Revolutionary, not Evolutionary vision
  • Utilizing and leveraging high science and technology — I’ve been working in various aspect of Machine Learning, Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing and particularly enjoy those areas

Value Driven Greatness

  • Working with excellent and high-integrity individuals
  • Deliver a compelling and unique value to our customers
  • Our customers, employees, community love the product and company

I Find Less Interesting

  • Too low a quotient of innovation / operations
  • Getting sucked into legacy problems
  • Working in an environment with too many “sacred cows”
  • Inability to take risks / capitalize on opportunities

Areas of need/opportunity

While I have identified some areas of interest — I’d like to use this time to expand my horizons and perhaps — at least briefly — go deep in some new areas and hopefully meet some new people.

Technologies and Areas of Interest

Education — I’m interested in all aspects of education — Primary/Secondary, Higher-Ed/University, and Life Long Learning. In a world that is increasingly becoming automated — it is the key to future meaningful work and lifelong growth and opportunities. I recently wrote about one such idea on quantified learning, and some book recaps in interesting areas of education: Prepared and the Knowledge Gap. I’m also interested in how virtual reality and augmented reality can play an increasingly role in accessibility and improving educational outcomes.

Connecting with Great People

Besides reading, writing, exercise, and time with family…..I’m excited and looking forward to connecting with colleagues, friends, and great people. I’d be happy to assist friends, other entrepreneurs, and interesting businesses wherever I can.

  • Product strategy, roadmap
  • Building high-talent teams, rapid scaling, distributed/offshore workforce
  • Practical solutions to AI/ML, NLU



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